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About Me


My name is Crystal Susan Jean born and raised in the city of North Miami, FL. I' am Haitian descent. I'm a mother to a handsome young man. I love everything natural and organic. I wanted to create something for my community that doesn't harm the body in anyway and something we can use on a daily use. I wanted my products to accommodate both male and female; with that being said please enjoy my products made by myself handmade. Every time you purchase a product you're purchasing a piece of my dream. Enjoy using Crystal Scents, just as much as I enjoy providing these products for you.

My Story

A photo of me

 I thought of the idea of making products using essential oils in 2019 but I did not want to produce anything that I was not confident in. I 'am an over thinker and I suffer from anxiety. When I feel my mind is working overtime and basically everywhere I would take a deep breath, light up a candle and just meditate. I love Essential Oils they're more natural for the body, provide healing and safer to inhale. I always knew I wanted to create a product that is natural, organic and made with raw ingredients. I chose soy wax to make my candles; soy is the most natural wax a person can consume it comes from the vegetable soybean. I infuse my candles with essential oils, rest to ensure when you're burning the candles it's a clean and natural burn that you're inhaling. All of my products are infused with essential oils, natural and raw ingredients. I'm pleased to share all of these products I've hand made with love for you all. 

I strive to provide you with all natural products using all natural ingredients. I hand make each and every product with love and patience.​ Soy is derived from a vegetable, it's sustainable plus a renewable resource, meaning you can regrow it as much as you choose. Soy is biodegradable and ecofriendly. It burns slower and cleaner giving you a 36-48 burn time.

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